What If Mike Francesa Existed In 1776?

Declaration of Independence…get lawst

Spectacular. Like absolutely spot on, best impression I’ve ever seen of Francesa. He absolutely nails all of Mike’s nuances – his “back afta this,”  his “alright we’re back” at 0:42 seconds, the way he says “werry” at 1:40, and of course his “waitaseckint” at 2:00 and all of his “Ok’s” are all perfect. The crown, the shades, the Diet Coke, the hand, nailed it.

The way he analyzes the Revolution couldn’t be any better. First of all Mike would absolutely be a Loyalist. Thats just abundantly clear. Saying the Rebels need to rely on Benedict Arnold to win. “When Benedict Arnold is Benedict Arnold…he’s Cornwallis. When Cornwallis is Cornwallis, he’s Alexander the Great.” Addressing Thomas Jefferson’s slave scandal. “Everybody is making a big hubbub about this…” How he handles the John Hancock prank call. “Folks, we’re in a time of crisis…people act like clowns let em act like clowns.” Its a 4 minute video and every segment is hilarious.

Toss up for the funniest part of this video though is Francesa name dropping that he’s met King Louie before, or that he doesn’t believe all men are created equal. All in, from the little details to the broad Francesa generalizations, its just exactly how Mike would have handled the American Revolution.

The man is absolutely timeless. He’s Numbah One.



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