Wealthy Hamptons Mom Beats The Shit Out Of Her Nanny After She Tried To Stop Her From Driving Drunk With Her Baby in The Car

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Daily Mail A Hamptons mother is accused of beating up a nanny who tried to stop her drunk-driving with her child in the car. Laura Bowery-Falco, 44, an equestrian trainer, allegedly attacked the family nanny after a dispute on the afternoon of July 11, when the victim was carrying her 14-month-old child. Bowery-Falco, from Long Island, appeared at Southampton town court Wednesday accused of aggravated DWI, endangering the welfare of a child and harassment. Authorities say the 20-year-old nanny believed Bowery-Falco was intoxicated and did not want her to take her 14-month-old child in a car. Court documents claim that she Bowery-Falco got into a ‘physical dispute’ reported NBC New York. The nanny was allegedly pulled by her hair and dragged to the ground in the fracas. Bowery-Falco then left with the child to drive down the street to her mother’s home, according to authorities. According to Newsli, police officers observed her getting out of her vehicle, and, after her allegedly suspicious behavior, discovered that she was under the influence of alcohol and placed her under arrest, according to reports.

Worst people in the world are the people who try to stop you from driving drunk. You have a couple adult beverages and all the sudden they turn into M.A.D.D. Its bad enough when you’re just an idiot kid in high school or something, but when you’re a bougie Hamptons socialite thats a whole different level. Laura Bowery-Falco has earned the right to driving around in broad daylight shitfaced. Fuck, thats practically your job when you’re a wife in the Hamptons. This bitch is probably like Lucille Bluth. Can drink a half dozen martinis and not even be fazed. She’s just driving down the block to her mother’s house to drop off that kid before she hits the country club for 10 or 12 more drinks. She’s a professional at this point. Don’t interfere with her work.

Especially if you’re the fucking help. What kinda lunatic nanny fucks up that situation? You’re 20 years old living in the Hamptons getting paid to babysit. I don’t care if she wants to put that baby in the microwave. Just stay quiet and keep that paycheck coming before you’re fired and inevitably deported back to whatever country you’re really from.

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