Dad Writes Open Letter To Victoria’s Secret Complaining How They Sell Sexy Underwear To Young Girls His Daughter’s Age

HOUSTON, TX (KHOU/CBS) - A Houston pastor’s open letter to Victoria’s Secret about targeting teens is getting world-wide attention. “Dear Victoria’s Secret,” it begins. “I’m a father of a 3 year old girl. She loves princesses, Dora the Explorer, Doc Mcstuffins and drawing pictures for people.” Reverend Evan Dolive posted the letter on his blog, which he says has only 30 or 40 dedicated readers, “Maybe 50 if I’m lucky.” It quickly went viral, with more than 3 million views. “I’ve been completely overwhelmed,” says Rev. Dolive. In the letter, Dolive talks about the “Bright Young Things” line that Victoria’s Secret introduced for spring break, which includes “Lace-trimmed thongs with the words ‘Call me’ on the front,” and “Green and white polka-dot hipsters screen printed with ‘Feeling lucky.” “As a dad, this makes me sick,” the letter continues. “I believe that this sends the wrong message to not only my daughter but to all young girls. I don’t want my daughter to ever think that her self-worth and acceptance by others is based on the choice of her undergarments. I don’t want my daughter to ever think that to be popular or even attractive she has to have emblazon words on her bottom.” Until he read an article about it, Rev. Dolive says he didn’t even know what a ‘hipster’ was. “Or a cheekster. Didn’t know what that was. I looked it up. Now I know.” The controversy came when the company’s Chief Financial Officer said that 15 and 16 year olds were targets of the marketing. It’s a claim that the company now says was a mistake. That line of underwear has been pulled from the shelves. But Rev. Dolive says that his point was not so much about one line of underwear that may or may not be targeted to young girls. “They are still setting up a standard that is unattainable for beauty and sexuality. That is pervasive not just at Victoria’s Secret, but at other retailers as well.”

Listen I ain’t a dad. I don’t know how hard it is to control your daughter. God knows there’s enough people out there like myself trying to corrupt them. And yes, its weird that Victoria’s Secret is selling sexy thongs and shit to young teens.

But if you’re a dad letting your daughter in fucking 8th grade wear a thong that says “Call me” or “feeling lucky” then you need to step up your parenting game. There’s always gonna be slutty underwear being sold places that your daughter can walk in and buy. Thats on you to be like “Hey honey – you know the underwear that runs in between your ass cheeks and invites boys to fuck you with clever sayings bedazzled over your pussy? You’re not allowed to wear that.” I don’t know how you’re supposed to find out what kind of underwear your daughter is wearing. But like I said, I’m not a Dad. Maybe that should just be a ground rule from day 1 as soon as their out of their diapers: No sex thongs. You know when they go off to college you can’t control them and they will probably be whores but when they’re 15 its still on you to control them. Keep that inner slut at bay for as long as fatherly possible. And it starts with forcing them to wear granny panties.

Fuck I might make my daughter wear long johns. Year round long johns. And instead of saying “Call me” they will say “I’m very fertile and also have STDs.”

PS – I will never forget the first time I saw a real life chick I knew wearing a thong. I was in 8th grade at teen night at the Palladium in New Rochelle and this slutty chick in my grade was unbuttoning her pants as she danced around and I was like “Holy fucking shit they actually wear those????” Great moment.

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