Trenton Man Sleeps For 10 Hours With A Knife In His Back

PM225001 – A Trenton man slept soundly for about 10 hours with a knife stuck in the middle of his back Sunday before discovering he had been stabbed during a fistfight on his porch, police said today. The 42-year-old victim awoke to a pain in his back, said Lt. Mark Kieffer, a police spokesman. The victim couldn’t tell what the problem was until he spoke to his brother. “And his brother said he had a knife blade protruding from his back,” Kieffer said. The stabbing happened on the 600 block of North Clinton Avenue around 2 a.m. Sunday. The victim had been drinking that night and stepped out onto his porch to have a cigarette. While he smoked, another man approached the victim and asked for a light. The victim refused, and an argument ensued that escalated into a fistfight, police said. As the victim gained the upper hand, his attacker suddenly ran away. “He said, ‘I’m not chasing after the guy,’” Kieffer said of the stabbing victim. A full description of the suspect was not available. Kieffer said the stabbing victim was “very uncooperative” with detectives who tried to talk with him at the hospital.

You should pull that shit out man! That shit is not cool!

Wait…wait…pull what out?

In the attacker’s defense, not giving someone a light when you are smoking is probably one of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever heard. Like you can’t spare 1 second worth of fire? Can spare a match for me? Go fuck yourself, guy. I’m not a big stabber but I’d contemplate stabbing someone over some shit like that.


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