Topanga Still Got It! Kinda!

Theres only one chick in the existence that gave me a 90’s Boner bigger than Topanga Lawrence, and thats Kelly Kapowski. Other than her, Topanga is probably the most desirable chick of the decade. I wanted her to meet my dick so, so badly. And its pretty rare that a chick who makes the Definitive List Of Hot Chicks From The 90s can still rock out on the cover of Maxim about 15 to 20 years later. Thats staying power, folks. Thats like Charlie Hough or Jesse Orosco or some of those old timers that pitched in like four different decades in Major League Baseball.

If Topanga can still bring the noise like this, Girl Meets World is gonna be a fucking smash hit. Assuming, of couse, Shawn Hunter signs on as well.

PS – You know Minkus at least got a hand job before Corey got in there

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