Times Square Spiderman Punches Woman In the Face For Not Tipping, Claims Self Defense

Daily Mail – A Times Square Spider-Man claimed he was acting in self-defense when he slugged a woman who refused to tip him him yesterday. Philip Williams, 35-year-old Williamsburg resident, had posed for pictures with the 44-year-old woman’s kids but didn’t receive a tip, according to prosecutors. “Sorry I don’t have any [money],” the woman said, according to prosecutors. Williams responded “You’re crap,” the DA said. The women then made a snowball and beaned Williams, his defense lawyer and prosecutor agreed.  Defense lawyer Rachel Black insisted this was clearly a case of self-defense. “The complaining witness made contact with my client,” she said. Prosecutors said Williams has a rap sheet that includes a grand larceny and and retail fraud bust when he was 17 and living in Michigan. Black didn’t dispute the DA’s claim, but told the Manhattan judge that Williams made all court appearances in that matter. Cops showed up yesterday near 141 W. 43rd St. after the 3 p.m. and stopped the victim’s husband from possibly hurting Williams, law enforcement sources and witnesses said. “A woman came to me and said, ‘What did you do to me, you f–ker?’ ” said another Times Square Spidey, who wouldn’t give his name. “Her husband came over and said it was a different Spider-Man. They went over to the other one and started fighting.” Witnesses said the woman’s husband pounded the offending Spider-Man with a backpack before cops arrived to bust Spidey. This unwanted attention has other Times Square cartoon characters worried about their livelihood. “Getting arrested isn’t good for any of us,” said Times Square worker Christian, who dresses as Big Bird. “It makes us all look bad.”

When are people gonna learn that Times Square Street Performers are the scum of New York City? They are the biggest assholes in the 5 boroughs. You gotta have a legitimate death wish to fuck with any of these guys. Anti-Semetic Elmo will straight up rape you if you don’t tip him.  Throwing a snowball at Times Square Spiderman is the most reckless thing I’ve ever heard. These people are one half step above homeless deviants who have absolutely nothing to live for. Think of these guys as the grimiest dirtiest, most disturbed homeless people on the street. Would you ever fuck with them? Take pictures with them and throw shit at them? For sure not. Because you’d be afraid they’d murder your ass on the spot. Well just realize that Times Square “Performers” are basically those same people except last week instead of buying drugs and booze with their panhandling riches, they bought a fucking costume.

Keep that in mind next time you let Elmo touch your kids or decide its a good idea to fuck with Spiderman. We’re talking about Grade A scumbags that have nothing to live for.

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