Thursday Afternoon #MailTime: The Study Guide

Bingo Bango its MailTime, bitches! Shut it down for the rest of the day. Matter of fact just shut it down for the week. Nobody is doing shit tomorrow.

If you’ve been reading Barstool NY from the beginning, you know how much I love breaking down all the “studies” from scientists that always ending drawing conclusions that literally everyone on the planet knows. “Study Says Men Like Oral Sex.” “Study Says Fat Girls Have Lower Self Esteem Than Skinny Girls.” Shit like that. Its straight up MailTime for scientists. There’s been an unusual amount of them recently on the Stool so we’re counting down the Top 5 useless fucking studies from scientists who are just mailing it in.

We want to put together the ultimate College Edition of MailTime. Considering your entire life when you’re a student is completely devoid or real world responsibility, you’re basically mailing it in 24/7. Some Post Master General, Pony Express shit when you’re in college. So college Stoolies, email me ([email protected]) or tweet me (@kfcbarstool) with all your college stories. From cheating on tests to being hungover in class to banging on your bunk beds to puking in the bar and everything in between. Let the Cube Monkeys of the world live vicariously though you for an hour.

Laziest hour of your day starts now.

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