Thursday Afternoon #MailTime: The Office Holiday Party

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The third and final installment of Holiday #MailTime. We’re all stumbling our way to the finish line. Christmas is less than a week away. Monday and Tuesday are nothing but throwaway days and then we’ve got a full week of MailTime in between Christmas and New Years. We’re almost there, folks. Keep your eye on the prize.

And to help you through these last couple days this week, we’re tackling the grandaddy of all “Christmas in the Cubes” topics: The Office Holiday Party. An event where all the rules go out the window and coworkers of all walks of life get totally shitfaced and embarrass themselves. For one night and one night only, its like everyone is on an even playing field and can do whatever they want. We also countdown the top 10 Christmas movies ever, where I break down just how fucking unrealistic it was in Jingle All The Way when Arnold’s son doesn’t recognize him dressed up as Turbo Man even though he’s still talking with the most recognizable Austrian accent of all time.

If you need more content to get you through today and tomorrow, there’s a deluxe episode available right now as well – Mailman of the Year: all the nominees and candidates who mailed it in the hardest this year. From pro athletes to priests to CIA Agents, we crown the number 1 Mailman of 2013. Sign up for a premium subscription here to have access to this episode as well as the full breakdown of Home Alone, and our discussion of the 4 Pillars of Relationship Life which all bachelors need to understand. Thats almost 4 hours of MailTime and the latest episode of KFC Radio: Stoolie Voicemails to get you through today and tomorrow.

Godspeed to all of you.

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