Thursday Afternoon #MailTime: The Cube Survival Guide

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Huge day for the KFC Radio channel. Huge. New edition of Stoolie Voicemails featuring F.F.Smitty, and we’re following that up with a little Thursday afternoon MailTime. The Laziest Hour of your Day has transformed into pretty much the laziest afternoon of your week today. This week on MailTime we talk about the Jonathan Martin Code Red with some Colonel Jessup clips, and we did dramatic readings of the Richie Incognito Voicemails:

But the real focus of this week’s MailTime is the Cube Commandments. 10 Cubical Survival Tips to help you make it out alive day in and day out. All the tips to help you mail it in and stay human. Avoid the the Walking Dead and never go Full Monkey.  75 minute MailTime to take you through your Thursday afternoon and get you to Friday.

Also I’m working on a new project. You all know I’m always trying to expand KFC Radio with new shows and new content. And for those of you who follow me on Twitter  you know that I’ve been making weekly appearances for a couple months now on a show over at Sirius XM. The host of that show, my boy Patrick, is a Stoolie and we’re thinking about joining forces for a podcast or show of some sort. This episode is pretty raw and its more of an update for the fans on his show, but its a kind of demo for what me and him could potentially put out there. This episode featured Topanga from Boy Meets World and that smokeshow from the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, Stassi. Take a look. If all goes right for us, we’ll be doing a lot bigger and better things.

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