Thursday Afternoon #MailTime: Christmas Song Countdown

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Get in the holiday spirit with your boy KFC as we countdown the top Christmas songs of all time. This list is every type of Christmas song out there – the good, the bad, the popular, the unknown. The songs about date rape and chicks who wanna fuck. From Mariah to Michael Bolton to Blues Traveler to the E Street Band, its the #MailTime Christmas playlist, Barstool Style.

We also discuss the Nelson Mandela Fake Sign Language Interpreter, how to navigate through the misery of the Office Secret Santa, “Going to see the tree” and how to shop for your girlfriend’s Christmas gift. This episode has it all. So kick back and plug in, the laziest hour of your day starts now.

The third and final episode of Holiday #MailTime is next week. Focusing on the Office Christmas Party. Send me all your Cube Monkey Christmas Party  stories. The good the bad and the ugly. Email me [email protected] or tweet me @KFCbarstool

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UPDATE: If you want to just listen to the countdown portion of the show:

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