This Sydney Leathers Chick Is A Real Asshole

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NY PostHe said he loved her — and she believed him. Bible Belt bad girl Sydney Leathers has emerged from the dank shadows of the explosive Anthony Weiner sexting scandal — and, boy, is she mad! “It literally disgusts me,” the tearful, multitattooed 23-year-old Indiana gal angrily told “Inside Edition” yesterday of watching the mayoral hopeful now when he appears at televised press conferences. “It makes me feel physically ill. I’m disgusted by him,” she told the program, which will air the full interview today. “He’s not who I thought he was.” Leathers and Weiner grew so close during their six months of digital digressions that the pervy pol even consulted with her before deciding to run for mayor, she told interviewer Jim Moret.  “I cared about him a lot,” she told Moret. “He was very important to me.” Asked, “You told Anthony Weiner you loved him?” she answered, “Yes.” “Did he tell you he loved you?” Moret asked. “Yes,” she replied. A high-school friend said last night that Leathers was acting suspiciously a few months back. “She said she had some big secret that could ruin someone’s life,” Ryan Hinderliter, 23, told The Post. Leathers has told Nik Richie, whose Web site first broke the latest scandal, that Weiner portrayed his marriage to Huma Abedin as a sham, “more of a staged marriage for political gain.”

First thing’s first, you’re beat. And I don’t like ugly people.

Secondly, is nothing sacred anymore? Can a man not sext you about fucking your feet and your pussy juice overflowing without fear that it will be released to the public? Respect the code you asshole. What happens on sext stays on sext. Oh, and whats that? Anthony Weiner told you he loved you? Well guess what, idiot? You weren’t talking to Anthony Weiner. You were talking to Carlos Danger. And anyone who thinks Carlos Danger has room in his heart for love is nothing but a goddam idiot. All Carlos Danger cares about is his own cock. So don’t try to play the love card here, toots. Just admit that you’re a dumptruck who was trying to use this guy and when it didn’t pan out for you you went public and tried to fuck him.

Nobody uses Charlie Danger. Nobody.

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