This Fat Nerd Sucking Face With Bar Refaeli Is The Luckiest Fat Nerd Of All Time

Word on the street according to Barstool Arch Nemesis Darren Rovell is that they took 65 takes to get this kiss right for the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial. That seems highly unlikely but if he got to do this more than once I might just go slam my dick in a drawer. Talk about hitting the fucking lottery as a fat ugly actor. I actually always think about that a lot – when you see a fat gross nerd in a movie or whatever you know that description of that role was “fat gross nerd.” And his agent comes to him and is like “this is perfect for you.” And then you audition and the producer is like “this role is perfect for you.” And on some level you gotta realize you’re a fat gross nerd. Sure, you’re an actor and whatnot, but on some basic level thats what you are. Gotta be a little bit depressing, right?

Until you land the commercial of a lifetime and get to do a fake-no-tongue-makeout with Bar Refaeli. Then its all worth it. Then the tables have turned and the pretty boy actors of the world can go fuck themselves. Fuck yea, Walter! Jew fro and rosacea, FTW! Revenge of the Nerds!

PS – If this really took a ton of takes there’s no way this dude didn’t cum in his pants at some point. At the very least he was rocking a full blown erection.

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