The Worst “Thanks In Advance” Email Signature Of All Time

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 12.24.58 PM


Get it? Its thanks…….inĀ advance! And then a double whammy with “Cheers!” send off. This has gotta be the worst email sent in the history of Cubicle Chronicle email. There’s a handful of email sign offs and bits of email jargon that makes everyone wanna kill themselves – warm regards, best, Cheers. Thanks in advance, in general though, might be the worst. Its just automatically implying that I’m going to do whatever you’re asking for. Its more of a demand than anything. “Do this now, and here’s a paltry thank you now for it.” But literally putting T H A N K S inside of advance is the biggest asshole move the corporate world has seen since the dude who invented the term “circle back.” Someone needs to find whoever sent this email and punch them SQUARE in the face. Just wallop on their face like this:


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