The Most Quoted Man In America Banned From All Interviews Because He Gets Quoted Too Much


Daily Mail - He’s not a politician, a movie star or even a football player but proud Average Joe Greg Packer has more column inches then all the Kardashians put together  – or at least takes the honor of being America’s most-quoted man.  The retired highway maintenance worker, 59, has made it his life’s mission to appear in the press.  From standing outside book launches; queuing to be the first to get his hands on much vaunted Apple products to attending celebrity funerals – Mr Packer has made it his plan to be most stopped by reporters.  And it has worked. Mr Packer’s success has been so great that he has now been barred from being interviewed by the Associated Press and the New York Times. Reporters across the country have been given the express instruction not to mention Mr Packer in print – unless, of course, it is to report on Mr Packer’s own obsessive quest. The Associated Press memo reads: ‘To: News Editors/Correspondents USA. The world is full of all kinds of interesting people. ‘One of them is Greg Packer from Huntington, NY who apparently lives to get his name on the Associated Press Wire and in other media…Mr. Packer is clearly eager to be quoted. Let’s be eager too–to find other people to quote.’ Mr Packer’s name appears more than a hundred times in the press on subjects as varied as roman catholicism, the war in Iraq, Whitney Houston’s death, Hillary Clinton and the Steelers. According to a profile in the Wall Street Journal, Mr Packer doesn’t decide what he will say on an event ahead of time but will rather decide ‘on the spur of the moment’. He does, however, chose his positions wisely and collects all his clippings. He first appeared in print in 1995 in The Tampa Tribune.  He was commenting on Pope John Paul II when he said: ‘He does not limit his message to one faith; he reaches out to everybody.’ In 2007 he was first in line to buy an iPhone at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store and in 2010 first in line for an iPad. He tells the story of how a New York Times reporter slammed his notebook on him in embarrassment at a Columbus Day Parade – recognizing this was the man he had been instructed to avoid at all costs.  ‘My name sounds familiar because I’ve been quoted so many times over the last 15 to 20 years,’ he says in a new video interview with the New Yorker.

Well how about this bullshit? The fucking liberal media strikes again! How about letting Greg Packer live, New York Times? How about letting the Most Quoted Man In America give quotes, you son of a bitches. This is like banning Michael Jordan from basketball. Like banning Belladonna from anal. Greg Packer gives quotes better than anybody in the world and he’s been blackballed from doing just that. Absolutely atrocious.

And how about the Times issuing that statement “Mr. Packer is clearly eager to be quoted. Let’s be eager too–to find other people to quote.” Yea sure thing, New York Times. You know theres a bunch 0f nerdy ass journalists who are abiding by this rule. Refusing to take Packer Quotes out of some sort of journalism integrity code. But then theres a bunch of normal writers who are just trying to churn out their columns and mail the rest of that shit in. Like “Get over here Packer! Gimme a quote on the Pope liking gays, Obama attacking Syria, and Tebow being cut by the Pats.” Just change the guy’s name and kill three birds with one stone and get the fuck out here.

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