The Heat Streak Ending Was The Worst Thing That Could Have Happened For The Eastern Conference

Look I’m thrilled we don’t have to worry about the Heat breaking the all time winning streak record. I’m pumped Lebron doesn’t get another notch in his belt. I’m over the fucking moon that I’ll be able to tune in to ESPN and not listen to 45 minutes of Heat streak coverage. But if I’m being honest, this was probably the worst thing that could have happened to the Eastern Conference. The longer this streak continued, the better. Look at the way the Heat were acting during their run – photobombs and funny interviews. Goofing off in the locker room. Worrying about the highlight reel and who they could posterize night in and night out. If the Heat rattled off 34 in a row, they would have achieved some bullshit regular season record that would have been celebrated until the playoffs began. The party would have continued. The media praise would have tripled. And of course they go out there and say they’re still focused and the goal is a championship and blah blah blah. But you know the way these prima donnas are – they absolutely would have relished that record. Just about the only way they would have been susceptible to an upset is if they were already content with what they accomplished and still riding high off inking their names in the record books.

But its all gone now. Their focus is back on the winning a title. Enough time to rest up and reboot. Which is a scary thought for the Knicks, Nets and any of the other contenders in the East who will have to go through Miami. I mean, in all likelihood, its a moot point. The road to the Finals was a seriously treacherous road through Miami with or without a prolonged winning streak. I just think it got that much more dangerous now that the Heat aren’t worried about regular season records anymore.

PS – The Bulls with or without Noah and Rose are not a team you wanna see in the playoffs.

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