The Final Four Of New York City Incompetence #1 Time Warner v. #4 New York Mets

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The time has come, my friends, to officially crown the Most Incompetent Organization In New York City. The LIRR this morning inspired me. Almost 2 hour delays getting into the city today had LIRR commuters in a fucking frenzy. Time Warner Cable/Internet is broken literally every single day. The Mets blew a 9 inning lead yet again last night and lost in extra innings to be swept by the Dodgers. And Mark fucking Sanchez is on his way to being declared the starting quarterback for the New York Jets yet again.

The LIRR/MTA, Time Warner, The Mets, and the Jets – the 4 most incompetent organizations in New York, and possibly the world. Seeding is as follows (#1 = most incompetent, #4 = least incompetent)

#1 Overall seed – Time Warner – The laziest piece of shit company I’ve ever encountered. Worst case scenario, your cable and internet just flat out doesn’t work. Best case scenario, it works at like 50%. Channels blacked out, pixelated screens, broken DVRs, awful On Demand service. Slow internet, constantly cutting in and out, takes an eternity to download anything. And did I mention how they rape you with your bill and they hold you hostage because they have a pseudo-monopoly on New York City? I declared them a terrorist group on par with Al Qaeda on MailTime this week.


4 seed – New York Mets – At times in the past, they could have been a 1 seed. The 2007 Collapse was a black eye of incompetence they will never shake. It was like being the first 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed. 2008 was like a 2 vs. 15 upset. The dark ages of the 90s and mid 2000s were as incompetent as it gets. But right now, the tides are turning a bit. The future is bright, Harvey, Wheeler, Syndergaard, Montero, Niese, Meija etc etc will lead the way. But they still invent new ways to lose games and embarrass their fan base on a weekly basis.

Vote 1 for Time Warner is more incompetent, Vote 10 for the Mets

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Note: Click here to vote for the 2 v. 3 matchup. The winners of each semi final will face off in a Championship Showdown tomorrow. 


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