Tell All Book Says Super Models Eat Tissues To Stay Skinny

International Business – What happens when you get ousted from the most prestigious fashion magazine in Australia? Well you write about it of course, revealing — among other shocking details — that models are eating tissues to curb hunger pains. Long-time Australian Vogue Editor Kristie Clements was famously exiled from the publication in May 2012 after 25 years with the magazine, prompting her to release a tell-all book about the fashion underworld. Described as an insider’s view of the glamorous industry, “The Vogue Factor” exposes, unashamedly, the cut-throat and chaotic facade behind the glossy covers. One of the most shocking claims to come out of the book is that models still frequently starve themselves for work, often resorting to eating tissues to satisfy their hunger. Clements details a lunch date with an unidentified Russian model who told her that her roommate is a fit model “so she is in hospital on a drip a lot of the time.”

Whatever happened to good old cigarettes and cocaine? Back in the day thats all models needed to be skinny and hot. Now these broads need to chow down on Kleenex. Thats like cheating. Its like HGH and steroids for athletes. If you can’t do it naturally, you don’t deserve to be in the game. Only acceptable thing to consume is drugs when you’re starving yourself. Nowadays chicks are probably making tissue sandwiches with mustard and a side of sawdust. Kate Upton probably eats rolls of Bounty 2 ply Paper Towels with the quilted patches. Bag of cotton balls for dessert.

I miss the good old days of real anorexia. None of this fake tissue bullshit.

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