Jersey Teenager Suing His School Because They Didn’t Stop Him From Getting Bullied In 4th Grade

NJ.comA teenager who was allegedly subjected to years of bullying is now suing the Hunterdon Central Board of Education and Flemington-Raritan Board of Education. The suit, filed in late February in Superior Court in Flemington by attorney Brian Cige, claims the now-teenager was bullied not only by other children but by some school employees as well, from fourth grade onward. The boy and his parents — as well as the students who did the bullying — are identified only by initials in the suit, which makes the following claims: The bullying started in the fourth grade and continued into high school. The years of alleged taunting, name calling and derogatory comments took its toll — as the young man eventually developed serious and debilitating health issues. He missed significant periods of school for hospitalization, according to the suit. Although the direct bullying has subsided, the suit claims the high school district is now doing very little to accommodate his disability.The reasons for the boy being targeted changed over the years. He was first picked on because of his physique, then later because of his hair, and then his perceived sexual orientation. He was subject to name calling, “pantsing” (having his pants pulled down to expose his underwear), being poked and having kick balls hurled at him until he was doubled over in pain, the suit said. Later, the boy was subjected to cyber bullying via Facebook, the suit said. Now a teenager, the victim still suffers from the fallout of the “hostile” environment he was subjected to at school. Now, according to the suit, teachers have allegedly forced him to do assignments that are unduly stressful in light of his condition. That includes making him take part in gym class in spite of his physical limitations. He was then given bad grades as punishment, the suit said.

Get a load of fucking Stephen Glansberg here with his retroactive lawsuit. Trying to cash in on getting pants’d and noogied and blasted in the face with dodge balls for the past ten years. Had to eat lunch alone and always failed gym class so now he’s gone full retard or something. Don’t blame the school that you were a fat gay kid in 4th grade. You know how the world works? If you’re fat and getting blasted in the face with dodge balls in gym class, lose weight so you’re not a slow piece of shit and don’t get hit in the face with balls anymore. If everyone thinks you’re gay do everything you gotta do to get a hand job. Go up to the hottest chick on the playground and tell her you wanna fuck. Get detention for a little bit of harassment and get rid of the gay rumors. Next time you get pants jump around and make your dick helicopter and pretend you don’t give a fuck. Start bullying the bullies. Thats the beautiful thing about being in like 4th grade – nobody is actually a loser yet. Its not set in stone. You got a relatively clean slate – you can change your image if you want. But if you spend the next 10 years crying and getting fatter and weirder, well then you actually did become a loser and its too late. All you can do is complain and try to sue the school.

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