Take The Dialect Quiz Everyone Is Talking About

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NY TImesWhat does the way you speak say about where you’re from? Answer all the questions below to see your personal dialect map.



People love this shit. Like love it. I’ve posted stuff with these types of questions before, where you can see how the whole rest of the country pronounces shit and what words they use to describe certain things. But now its been turned into a quiz where you can locate exactly where your dialect comes from. And every question you answer you can see how that relates to the rest of the country’s dialect. I fall in the Newark/Yonkers/New York territory, which makes sense. I’ve seen a lot of people posting their results on facebook and twitter and its seems that everyone I know from my upbringing gets that as their answer.

SOme weird fucking questions on this test though. “What do you call the small gray bug that curls up into a ball when it’s touched?” “What do you call the area of grass between the sidewalk and the road?” “What do you call the area of grass in the middle of some streets?” “What do you call a drive-through liquor store?” I don’t even know what the fuck these things are. But I guess thats the point. Everyone from Middle America and the inbred south and shit running around saying Mary Merry and Marry the same way while naming shit like the area of grass between the sidewalk and the road. I mean seriously who would even take the fucking time to name that strip of grass?

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