Swedish Talent Agency In Trouble For Scouting Models At The Local Eating Disorder Clinic

The LocalTalent scouts have been looking for Sweden’s next top model outside the country’s largest eating disorders clinic in Stockholm, outraged doctors have revealed. “If these allegations are true, it’s despicable. Really bad behaviour,” psychologist Andreas Birgegård, chair of the Swedish Anorexia and Bulimia Society (Svenska Anorexi/Bulimi Sällskapet, SABS), told The Local. “For people who have an illness centered around weight and looks, it’s catastrophic to throw them into a business that focuses on exactly those things.” Birgegård’s reactions came following reports that patients at the Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders had been approached by agents looking to recruit new models. “We think this is repugnant. People have stood outside our clinic and tried to pick up our girls because they know they are very thin,” chief doctor Anna-Maria af Sandeberg told the Metro newspaper. “It sends the wrong signals when the girls are being treated for eating disorders.”

From college athletics to modeling agencies – you know what makes the difference between good programs and great programs?


It what takes a basketball team from the Sweet 16 to the Final Four. Its what takes an SEC team to the BCS Championship. And its what lands the biggest billboards and magazine covers for Swedish modeling agencies. Is it pretty ruthless and cutthroat to reward anorexic broads by offering them modeling contracts? Immoral even? Yea sure. But it no different than luring young kids with pussy and money to come play sports at your university. But you gotta stay one step ahead of your competition. Finding fat healthy girls and turning them anorexic is a waste of time and resources. Just cut out that whole process and go get the already-ano girls at the clinic. Its no different than recruiting a fat, unathletic kid and trying to mold him into a star athlete. Coaches go to All Star Games to find their future star players. Modeling agencies go to eating disorder clinics. Its where you can find the cream of the crop.

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