Study Says Frugal People Are More Attractive In The Dating World These Days

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LA Times – Behaving like Scrooge is typically not the best way to win points with a date. But a new study concludes that many love seekers think savers are actually more attractive than spenders. Savers are viewed as having higher powers of self-control than their free-spending peers. That kind of discipline can extend into other areas as well, making life more pleasant for potential mates, the study said. For example, savers may also be more careful about exercising and watching their nutrition. Those careful about money, the thinking goes, may actually be better-looking than spenders because they have the discipline to work out and eat well.  Titled “A Penny Saved Is a Partner Earned: The Romantic Appeal of Savers,” the working paper from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business echoes similar studies showing that post-recession, a certain amount of frugality is appreciated in a partner. Ron Lieber, a columnist for the New York Times, for example, got dating website eHarmony to scan through the millions of matches made in 2010. The site concluded that members who described themselves as savers actually managed to attract 25% more messages from suitors compared with  those who called themselves spenders. In fact, thriftiness is considered such a desirable quality, people have started lying and describing themselves as savers on dating profiles even if they are not, the study said. Human behavior, it turns out, can change only so much.

How fucking lame is the world these days? Financially frugal savers is what makes the panties wet these days? Thats whats hot in the streets? Awful. Kids are growing up in the Pussification Era. Chicks are now turned on by Groupon and Living Social deals. Its like everyone in the world has just turned into a bunch of poor pussies. What happened to the good old days when dudes could flash their money and do irresponsible shit with it and chicks would want to fuck them because of it? Back to the Mad Men days or the 80s when everyone was just making shit up as they went and all you needed was money to burn, cigarettes and an old fashioned misogynistic mean streak? Now I need a Roth IRA or a 401(k) to impress bitches? You wanna see my monthly budget in Excel before you give it up? If I show you my automatically monthly transfer to my savings account will you give me anal?

Puke. I long for the days when you could just lie to chicks until they eventually broke and would fuck you. Like I can fake a lot of things but I can’t fake being financially responsible. All the broads who put that as a turn on in their online dating profile are either gonna end up dating a bunch of nerds or a bunch of broke liars. Either way, disappointment city.

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