Stanley Cup Conference Finals Preview Podcast With Rear Admiral, Chief, and CharlieWisco


As most of the more die-hard hockey fans on Barstool probably know, I’ve been doing podcasts about the NHL since the Trade Deadline this year with Rear Admiral, Chief from Barstool Chicago, and our very own 610. Yesterday after the Rangers 7-2 beatdown of the Habs, Chief, Rear Admial, and I got together on Google Hangout to look back on the previous round of the playoffs and talk about what we expected to see in both Conference Finals series, the Bruins offseason, and me and Chief’s long-standing feud. Take a listen if you’re a hockey fan to hear some quality hockey coverage because God knows ESPN won’t give it you, take a listen if you’re not so hockey hipsters won’t be able to look down their noses at you and call you an asshole for not knowing anything about the NHL.


Follow me on twitter @CharlieWisco and the other guys @BarstoolChief and @RearAdsBsBlog.

PS: I guess the corner I’ve staked out for myself at Barstool is hockey and college lacrosse? Hey Charlie be more obscure bro.

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