Spokeswoman For Robinson Cano Linked To Biogenesis Clinic

ESPNThe spokeswoman for Robinson Cano’s foundation is listed as having been a client of the Biogenesis clinic last summer, although she denies having received anything from the clinic and says Cano “definitely never did.” Major League Baseball, however, has possession of a Biogenesis client roster that lists the spokeswoman, Sonia Cruz, and is investigating whether Cano had any relationship to the clinic, sources familiar with MLB’s investigation told “Outside the Lines.” Cano has denied knowing clinic founder Tony Bosch or having ever used performance-enhancing drugs. But as his best friend, Melky Cabrera, his mentor, Alex Rodriguez, and now his spokeswoman have all been connected to clinic documents, MLB wants to know whether any relationship between Cano and the clinic exists. Cruz, 31, says she was never a client of the Miami-area clinic at the heart of an ongoing performance-enhancing drug scandal, but records obtained by “Outside the Lines” list her as owing $300 in both July and August of last year. The records indicate that she paid the full balance in July, but the August records do not mention any payment. Two former Bosch associates said the $300 monthly tab was consistent with a weight-loss regimen, not performance-enhancing drugs. It was not clear whether the documents obtained by “Outside the Lines” were the same as the documents recently obtained by MLB. Cano denied having any knowledge of Cruz’s association with the clinic, saying Monday he did not feel a need to speak to her. “It has nothing do with me. I’m just going to keep playing my game to help the team win,” Cano said in St. Petersburg, Fla., where the Yankees are starting a series versus the Rays. When initially contacted by “Outside the Lines” last month, Cruz said she could not speak about the clinic and said, “I need to talk to Scott,” referring to Cano’s agent at the time, Scott Boras. 

Look do I think Robinson Cano really did HGH or PEDs or some sort? Probably not. As always in baseball, nobody is above suspicion. But if we are speaking strictly on suspicion, its just weird. Like everyone else in Robinson Cano’s life somehow has a connection to HGH and clinics and shit. His friends, his teammates. Some random ass spokeswoman for his foundation. What the fuck is that about? Yea one side of the coin is “What the fuck does a foundation spokeswoman trying to lose weight have to do with Robbie Cano?” but the other side is why the hell would some random chick losing weight end up at a Biogenesis clinic?

Like I said, its all probably just coincidence and conjecture and shit. But its enough to investigate and at least ask the question why this stuff always seems to follow Cano around.

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