Some MailTime To Help You Through This Misery: An Interview With The Wonton Don, And The 2013 Mailmen Of The Year

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Ok, I seriously, seriously mean it this time…today is the worst day of the year for Cube Monkeys trapped in the cage. The party is over, Christmas is done. Sure, you’ve got a day or two off for New Year’s coming up, but right now, at this very moment, you undoubtedly want to kill yourself. About 90% of your office has today off and you’re stuck there, rotting in the cube for some reason.

Well fuck that. I’m declaring a State of Emergency MailTime. You need to shut it the fuck down and mail it harder than you’ve ever mailed before. And as some inspiration we’re releasing the Mailman of the Year episode that came out last week for the deluxe subscribers. A wrap up of the 2013 nominees who mailed work in harder than anyone else this year.

For our premium subscribers, a fresh new episode to download. I took the New York Times Dialect Quiz that I blogged about the other day.  I answered all 25 questions to teach you idiots the proper way to speak the English language. I also got a chance to interview The Wonton Don, Donnie Does all the way from Shanghai China. He’s the dude over in China just fucking with Asians left and right. He pretended to be Roger Federer for the day, he snuck into the ring at the Pacquiao fight, and just recently dropped a single “Goose In My Basket.” He took some time the other night to talk with me all about his fake life shanghai shenanigans living as a Masshole in the Far East.

So if you’re a KFC Radio subscriber, you got a couple hours of entertainment to get you through this miserable Friday. If you still haven’t signed up for a subscription and you’d like to get access to deluxe episodes, you can click here to sign up. One dollar a month for extra #MailTime.

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