Some Fox News Chick And Her Minions Adding Fuel To The Fire In The (1) KFC vs. (16) Honduras Matchup

And Hondurasgate continues! If you’re not following me on Twitter you’re missing some gold. I don’t know who this broad is but apparently she’s like half Honduranese or half Hondo, or whatever its called when you’re from down there, so naturally she’s all up in arms. Probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelash if I said another country but since she’s half Hondo she’s offended. Her and her minions came to the defense of Honduras by spitting vitriol at me and the Barstool empire. Such a classic reaction. You can make all sorts of jokes about all sorts of third world countries but when you mention MY third world country, we’ve got beef. Classic phony crusader who all the sudden takes an interest because they are personally offended for some reason.

I’m not even worried about Michelle Fields. I’m more worried about Billy Cope. Dude #RumpRoasted me right in my fucking face. All up on Twitter. Just straight embarrassed me in front of all my followers. Like some sort of Honduranese comedian or something. What can I say? When you’re beat, you’re beat. I asked if they had food and he said they served my ass for dinner. So now I have rump roast. Guy flat out put me on burn notice. More than Michelle Fields did with her holier than thou crying.

PS – I am shocked, utterly¬†shocked, out of all the things I’ve said on this website this one has become a big deal. People are getting upset about fucking Honduras?? Honduras???? Out of everything I’ve ever said and the people I’ve made fun of that may have possibly resulted in me feeling bad, cracking a joke about Honduras after they beat us in soccer is literally dead last. I’ve got retarded people and black people and all sorts of handicappers that come WAY ahead of fucking Honduras on the guilt meter.


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