Sir’Dominic Pointer Throwing Punches At Notre Dame Last Night

Kmarko posted this last night on the U, but I had to weigh in here on Barstool NY for the St. John’s fan. Also, truth be told, it kills one blog for me and makes my day that much easier. See thats what you idiots don’t get when you’re like “Someone else already posted this!” Yea, I know. I just don’t care. I’m trying to get through the day as fast as I can.

Anyway, how about Sir’Dominic! Not very Sir-ly. Pretty rare that you see closed fist punches being thrown on the hardwood. Usually its more of like a slap fight waiting for the refs to break it up. Once the two guys are separated they usually act like rabid dogs trying to get at each other because they know the fight has been safely broken up. But not Sir’Dominic. Sir Dom went with a different tactic. He went with the “mash this guy’s face and then do the “put-your-arms-up-and-pretend-you-didnt-do-anything” move:

Love this move. Looks like Reggie Miller in the Garden after he shoved Derek Harper to the ground during his 8 points in 11 seconds game. Pretty much anytime you put your hands up like that, you’re as guilty as it gets. Black guys pretty much do it every single time they foul someone, and Sir’Dominic just took it to a new level after snuffing someone in the face.

My favorite part of this whole video is the Notre Dame chick motioning for Sir’Dom to be kicked out:

Woof. I’d have a fake girlfriend too.

PS – Gotta love pops in the crowd:

Looks EXACTLY like the type of guy that would call his son Sir’Dominic.

PS – Power rankings of the best college basketball names ever are as follows:

5. Sir’Dominic Pointer

4. Pops Mensah-Bonsu

3. God’s-Gift Achiuwa

2. God Shamgod

1. Scientific Mapp and his brother, Majestic

UPDATE: I think I have to bump Sir’ Dominic out of the top 5 for Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje, right?

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