Simpsons x Breaking Bad Mashup

I was never really a Simpsons guy. I dunno why. It just never clicked for me. I can remember when Fox Sunday Nights with all animated shows was the hot night of the week. I watched it then, but never really loved it. I dunno, I just feel like you’re either a hardcore Simpsons person or you just don’t watch. One or the other, not much in between. But I get the distinct feeling there could be a lot of overlap between Simpsons diehards and Breaking Bad diehards so for some people this is probably like TV porn.

Anyway, pretty spot on take of the Breaking Bad montages. Ordinarily I don’t care much about montages and vignettes and all that kinda shit, but I do really like the Breaking Bad scenes. Always pick a totally weird and perfect song for it. Cool time lapse tricks and shit. Simpsons nailed it with this version.

Oh and as for the Saul Goodman spin-off possibility? That show would be absolutely atrocious.

And I’d watch every single episode until it inevitably got cancelled.

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