Should They Rename River Ave. For Mo?

How NYC should honor Mariano Rivera




New York- Tom Ferrara was standing in the shadow of the big ball-yard in The Bronx, waiting for his son-in-law, squinting away the sun, when the epiphany hit him. This was Thursday, Sept. 5, and the Yankees would soon play the Red Sox, and Ferrara’s eyes suddenly fastened on the street sign in front of him River Ave.

“And it hit me,” said Ferrara, the CEO of Future Value Associates in Pound Ridge. “But for two letters, that could be a wonderfully appropriate street name.”

But for two letters — an “A” at the end of the first word, an “S” at the start of the second — and for all time the street that has forever been linked to Yankee Stadium, all the way back to the breaking of the foundation in the spring of 1922, would read thus: Rivera Save.


The answer is no. That is pretty clear to everyone right? I mean I get it that we don’t have a ton of great stuff going on with the Yankees, but this is a stretch to try and stay relevant. Lets really think about this for a second. On top of all the money, World Series rings, shitty gifts from other teams, whatever we give him Sunday, a place in monument park, and a retired number for the NEW YORK YANKEES, we are debating changing a street name because some assbag had an epiphany? I mean did you read his reasoning?

Normally these things get press because 500k people join a Facebook group or something along those lines. This guy started a Twitter handle with 159 followers. Even White Sox Dave beats that and he…well you guys have seen White Sox Dave. At the end of the day, let’s forget about street names and focus on the rest of this season and whatever comes of it. Oh yea, and then beg Mo to come back.


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