SantaCon Bros Yelling At The Eric Garner Protesters

This is it, folks. This is what we’ve been waiting for. The Ultimate Dickhead confrontation. The Unstoppable Douche vs. The Immovable Assholes: Santacon Bro vs. Eric Garner Protesters.

It was a special day on Satuday. 12/13/14. The yearly Santacon shitshow coinciding perfectly with phony protester rage. The Perfect Storm. I was hoping that they’d all wipe each other out. Like some massive Rocky vs. Apollo double knockout punch where somehow they all kill each other, leaving the normal people to inherit the city. Or perhaps these groups would clash and the universe would just rip open and swallow them up in a black hole or something. Anything to get the two worst sects of people in this city out of existence.

Instead what we got it this video, just highlighting how much each side sucks. Drunk bro ripping a cig in a Santa hat yelling about police protocol with his buddy talking about constitutional rights, and hipster protesters with their signs taking pictures of these guys like thats gonna make a fucking difference and arguing about ignorance. Congratulations, you’re all fucking assholes who achieved nothing except an Uber price surge of 3.2x and enormous amounts of traffic for the rest of the people enjoying the holidays. People like this chick, bating and hounding cops just asking to get their ass beat:

I wish a tsunami could have just swallowed up 5th avenue on Saturday and just purged this city of both kinds of people.

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