Same Source That Said Melky Cabrera Tested Positive For PEDs Says Like The Entire Yankees Roster Tested Positive Too


DAPS - He’s unable to disclose his sources, but Joe’s been right about this type of news before. A full month before the suspension became official last summer, Joe’s anonymous source correctly identified Melky Cabrera as the next big name to be slapped with the 50 game fine. This time, that same source has named Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, and Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees and Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers as the next star players who will receive suspensions. Could this be true? Time will tell.

The great thing about the internet and twitter is that random guys like Joe Ball can scoop the biggest and best beat reporters on the planet. Fuck guys like Schefter and Rick Reilly right in their asses. The problem with the internet and twitter is that any time you say anything at all, people assume you’re trying to fuck Schefter and Reilly in their asses. Like take this guy for example. Joe Ball is a blogger of sorts. The same dude who was right on the Melky Cabrera suspension way in advance told Joe Cano, Granderson and Arod all tested positive too. So what does Joe Ball do? He tweets that the same anonymous source who was right on the Melky Cabrera suspension way in advance says he’s heard Cano, Granderson and Arod all tested positive too. Thats all. I understand the firestorm that can create, but tweeting out something you heard from an anonymous source is not saying its true. Its not saying you know first hand. Its saying that someone who has been correct in the past is now saying some potentially big news again.

I did the same thing last year when I heard a rumor about Verlander and/or Prince Fielder testing positive.  I heard some rumors, tweeted that I heard some rumors, and the rest of the day I have to hear people on twitter calling me a faggot because I don’t have proof. I never said I had proof, bro! Its the nature of the internet these days. You don’t need press credentials anymore, but that opens Pandora’s Box for a lot of false reports. It happens to the mainstream media too. Even the real beat reporters and analysts tweet out shit thats wrong because they’re trying to be the first. People just need to understand that tweeting is more about relaying stuff you hear. Its not like Joe Ball said he administered the PED test himself and has the results. He’s just a blogger who likes sports and makes Back to the Future jokes relaying something he heard. No need to crucify the guy.

As for the actual rumor – I would love absolutely nothing more than for this to be true. Only way it could be better is if Jeter and Rivera were somehow involved. But even still, the Yankees losing upwards of half their position players to suspension would be one of my favorite moments of all time. And I mean, hey, we know Braun and Arod are dirty. Cano used to hang around with Melky. It could happen…

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