Ryan Braun Suspended For PEDs, Aaron Rodgers Has To Pay Up His Entire Salary That He Bet On Braun’s Innocence



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“I promise you on everything thats ever meant anything to me in my life, the morals, the values the virtues by which I’ve lived for my 28 years on this planet, I did not do this”

“We won because the truth is on my side”

“I am a victim of a process that completely broke down”

“There were a lot of things that we learned about the collector, about the collection process, about the way that the entire thing worked, that made us very concerned and very suspicious about what could have actually happened.”

Well looks like 2 of the biggest assholes in all of sports finally need to own up to being dickheads. Ryan Braun for being potentially the biggest lying scumbag in recent memory and Aaron Rodgers for being such a brash, cocky idiot coming to Braun’s defense when he got off on the last steroid charges because of a minor technicality.

First off, Braun, who did his best Rafeal Palmiero impression times a hundred thousand. I don’t even care about the cheating really, but more the way he reacted when he got off based on such a loophole. Guy stood up there and acted like Andy Dufresne. Blamed literally everyone else in the world. How can you be that cocky when you know the fucking truth? You know one way or another you’re eventually gonna get pinned down for this. How the fuck are you gonna stand at that podium and play the fucking victim card? I know athletes are arrogant and think they are untouchable. Think they can get away with anything. But know that he’s gone down for his cheating, looking back and watching that press conference is sickening. He stood there and willingly threw that sample collector under the bus – ruined another innocent man’s reputation – because he was too big of a pussy to admit he was wrong. Or, too cocky to just sit down and shut the fuck up and realize he dodged a bullet. Everyone describing Braun as the Lance Armstrong of baseball is spot on. Its not even about the cheating – its about the people he tried to take down when he finally got caught. Such a bitch.

And then Mr. Aaron Rodgers. The guy who tweeted “#exonerated #shhhhhhhhhh” after Braun got off and was willing to bet his salary on his innocence. The guy who felt he needed to come swooping in to defend his buddy like some sort of hero. Just another arrogant asshole athlete. Just as fucking stupid as Braun was for getting caught. 2 dickhead peas in a pod – perfect for each other. Watching Braun burn and Rodgers eat crow. Absolutely perfect.

PS – How fucking pathetic is Major League Baseball with this statement:


I know its not gonna help MLB if they come out with a statement like “Gotcha bitch!” But this dude take a shit all over Major League Baseball’s drug policy, shoved it right down their throats when he got off on a technicality, and rubbed it right in their face that they got away with it. And they are commending him for “taking responsibility.” I know its just a professional statement and this isn’t good for the game but show some fucking backbone.

PPS – Arod, you’re next homie

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