Rutgers Ranked #1 Sluttiest School In America


Top 10 Sluttiest Colleges In America - It’s called Slutgers for a reason. When you have 40,000 people on your campus and 87% of them hail from New Jersey things, you’re practically a shoe in for the number one spot. What sets Rutger’s apart from everyone else isn’t just the quantity but the quality. Anyone’s who’s ever had the chance to experience a night with smokeshows from New Jersey know they’re on a whole other level. But it’s not just the Rutgers’ students that helped to propel them to the top. The fact that their school has co-ed dorms and a website specifically devoted to dispelling the rumors that everyone on campus has an STD helped to solidify the State University of New Jersey as the number one school you don’t want your daughter to go to.

If I could rewind time to when I was applying to colleges, I’d apply to one school and one school only. Enroll at Rutgers and let Mike Rice blast me in the face with as many basketballs as he wants as long as I got to spend the next 4 years partying at Slutgers.

Oh well. You live and learn. When I’m on my death bed it will be my number 1 regret but what can you do? Youth of America – don’t make the same mistake I did.

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