Romanian Dudes Swinging An Old Lady In Circles Is As Fake As It Gets

NYDNRomanian police are looking for a gang of young thugs who swung a terrified elderly woman around in circles. One man spins the old lady round twice despite her screams for help. The men recorded the incident, which has now made its way online, reports Metro. The footage shows a gang of up to six men hanging around outside a bar in the village of Jilava, close to the capital Bucharest. As the woman walks past, one of the men picks her up and spins her around repeatedly. The woman runs off as the young man boasts to his friend about his muscles. Egged on to do it again, he chases after the old lady and spins her for a second time. Police say they are making enquiries and press charges once they have identified the men in the video, reports Metro.

Jmac working for the Daily News and the Metro now? Or do these newspapers just make shit up for an article now? Like there is absolutely no way the police are making inquiries because this is the fakest video on the internet since Jmac’s last video. If you think thats actually an old woman you’re dumb AF. That means “As fuck.” Black twitter taught me that. I mean what the fuck is she wearing handles underneath her coat? Let me just grab on to this old woman’s shoulder pads here and spin her around because we’re Romanian and crazy! Get out of my face. Fuckin Jimmy Kimmel is underneath that jacket.

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