Renaldo Balkman Going Godzilla On His Teammates And Choking Little Asians In Filipino Basketball League


Looks like things are looking up for Renaldo Balkman, huh! Remember when the Knicks – a franchise who’s been starving for a point guard for like the past 50 years – took him instead of Rajon Rondo? Thanks Isiah!

At any rate, this would be me if I ever played in some foreign league. Like if I ever went over to Japan to play pro ball after my MLB career tailed off I’d have absolutely zero respect for the league, the fans, my teammates. I wouldn’t give a shit about any of it. Who cares about foreigners  I’d be cheating, fighting, playing hungover. Whatever. Renaldo Balkmen doesn’t give a shit about these little Filipinos and neither would I. It would be like one big game of street ball to me. You’d think Ardwin would probably know that. Don’t go poking around at Gozirra, Ardwin! Guy doesn’t give a fuck about you.

PS – Hey Renaldo – I think its time you take down the Knicks background on your twitter. I think that ship has sailed.

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