Remember That Dude Who Spanked His Tenant For Being Late On The Rent? Now He’s In Hot Water For Paddling A Retard At His Super Market

WAYNESVILLEFor the second time, a Waynesville supermarket owner has been accused of  spanking grown men. The civil lawsuit filed  this week,  states a 57-year old  mentally disabled  man  is seeking damages  from  Ron Kronenberger, for severe emotional distress. Michele Dakin said her brother, Mark Neace  was a volunteer  at  Hometown Marketplace in Waynesville. Dakin said he stocked shelves  for  the grocery  store’s  owner, Ron  Kronenberger, who was a good family friend. Dakin  said at least three times, Kronenberger  brought her mentally challenged  brother in the back office and  beat him on the bottom  with a paddle. Her brother said he was paddled   for   ” being bad”  and  talking to customers. Dakin says Kronenberger told her brother not to tell anyone what had happened. She said  her brother  finally confessed when he told his family he didn’t want to volunteer   anymore. “I was just outraged.”  Dakin said. ” I was shocked.  This was someone we trusted .  He did this  behind our backs,  knowing that my brother has problems.  I’m just really saddened by the whole thing.  I really am.”This is the second time Kronenberger  has been accused of spanking.  Last month he was in  a Lebanon courtroom,  accused of spanking  his tenant for  not paying rent.

Remember Ron Kronenberger? Spanked the shit out of his tenant because he was late on rent.  Welp turns out he’s at it again. Just spanking retarded kids at his grocery store for talking to customers instead of stocking the shelves. So thats it I guess. Spanking is like this guy’s thing. His trademark. All the great ones leave their mark. The Wet Bandits leave the faucets running. The Joker leaves a playing card. Ron Kronenberger leaves his victims with red, swollen cheeks. Everywhere he goes, he leaves a trail of abused asses in his wake. Doesn’t matter whether you’re his apartment tenant or his retarded supermarket slave – you cross Ron Kronenberger your ass is getting paddled.

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