Redneck Couple Covers System Of A Down

Spectacular. Stupendous. Remarkable. Sensational. How many more words do I need to look up in the thesaurus to appropriately describe this masterpiece? The straight up “RAWWWWWRRRRRR” guttural growling noise at 1:29? The “FAAAATHERRRR!” “FATHER!” “FAAAATHERRR” “FATHER!” at 2:20? It was just pure, raw emotion flowing through my speakers.

I can’t even begin to describe to you how jealous I am of these two. Thats some relationship they got. This chick ain’t sitting around complaining that they don’t “do enough stuff together.” She’s not making him train for a half marathon. They probably finished cooking up their most recent batch of meth and when they were finished she was like “Wanna produce a technicolor music video covering Chop Suey by System of a Down?” And Mr. Long Hair Don’t Care was like fuck yea, babe, lets do this. They even grind a little bit in the beginning. How many couples do you know that still grind? Just pure chemistry between these two.

Probably so in sync with each other because they’re brother and sister, but whatever. Its still a beautiful thing.

Shout out to Mike for the video

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