Real Life Heisenberg “Blue Sky” Appearing In New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Reality in the illegal drug world is mimicking fiction. Spokesman Kevin Abar of the federal Department of Homeland Security in Albuquerque, N.M., says distributors are selling methamphetamine tinted blue in the Four Corners region. That mirrors AMC’s hit drama “Breaking Bad,” which depicted an Albuquerque-based meth operation that cooked up the drug with a blue hue. KOB-TV reports Abar says tinting meth blue is a way for distributors to advertise and brand their product. He says the blue meth being sold makes people sick. He says it has been cut with chemicals to make it blue. “Breaking Bad” last year ended its popular run after five seasons.

I wonder how many assholes are gonna end up fucking dead because some clown ass cook in New Mexico just fills his batch up with blue toilet bowl cleaner or some shit to change the color. That or all the meth heads out there paying like twice as much because some dude threw a bucket of blue food coloring up in there. Either way its incredible how bad Breaking Bad fans want their Heisenberg meth. I mean I might just start smoking this fake Blue Sky just to get some Breaking Bad back in my life. The other night when Cranston and the rest of the cast accepted their awards I legitimately realized I missed the show. Thats incredibly pathetic. As absurd as it sounds theres like a void in my life now.

Luckily I watched True Detective last night on HBO. Which seems like its gonna be very  legit. Maybe can help fill a portion of that void. McConnaughey and Woody Harrelson are Louisiana cops investigating a bizarre serial killer murder. The show takes place in present day and is flashing back to like 20 years ago when the murder first occurred. On the surface that might sound like your generic serial killer/cop show, but McConnaughey and Woody together take it to the next level. First episode is slow to develop so if you need fast paced action and shit, maybe this isn’t for you. But if you have a little bit of patience and can get down with some heavy acting, True Detective is gonna be great. Also cool little tidbit – its an anthology series meaning every season will be a new cast of characters and a new story line. Hopefully this first season lives up to the hype and the subsequent seasons can land some big time names over and over again.

Also, The Americans comes back February 26th. Which I think might be my favorite non-premium TV show.

And finally lets not forget about Brooklyn Nine Nine! Everyone catch up on that masterpiece! It won 2 Golden Globes!

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