Reader Email – Walt Jr Hammered Drunk At Hofstra

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This past weekend I got to meet Walt Jr. at Mcheebs, known as one of the Hofstra bars on Long Island. Does this kid not have the life, just traveling across country, campus to campus, getting with as many college smokes before his fame runs out. Can’t always. Attached are pictures and a video.


P.s. That last picture is my friend.. Yah she brought him back and made him breakfast in the morning. NSFW on the way.

Make no mistake about it, John – you did not meet Walt Jr. last weekend. Because this is 100%, without a doubt, unequivocally Flynn we’re looking at here. Walt Jr. eats breakfast and works at the car wash. Flynn gets absolutely hammertime shitfaced and rips through smokes at Hofstra.  Just like how Walter White was a Chemistry teacher and Heisenberg was a meth kingpin. The dark side of Walt Jr is Flynn and literally no pair of panties is safe if he’s in the vicinity.

Shout out to RJ Mitte if he really is just touring the country making appearances at college parties and shit like that. Not sure when the next big “Cerebral palsy son” acting role comes along so live it up while you can my man. Get at us if you want free tickets to our NYC Blackout show. You’d bring the house down and literally get buried beneath mountains of pussy.

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