Reader Email – North Jersey Banana Biker Cruising All Around Town

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So I was driving around North Jersey today and witnessed what appeared to be a banana weaving in and out of traffic. As we got closer, we realized it was some clown who had fashioned an all weather sarong for his bike. An even closer look revealed a man who means business- he is riding that bike polar vortex be damned. Apologize for quality of the photos – this guy was an elusive bastard- absolutely no regard for human life.


ps. It was 52 fucking degrees today

This might be my favorite guy in the history of New Jersey. Its like #1 – Springsteen, #2 this asshole riding his stupid bike in some sort of banana condom. Blowing his whistle like a goddam idiot. ThereĀ better be a crew of teenage vandals in Springfield, NJ who torture this guy. Egging his house and throwing shit at him when hes cruising around in his bananamobile. Ordinarily I don’t condone that sorta shit but if there’s one dude who’s asking for it, its this man. At the very least I hope there’s a pair of asshole brothers out there like “There goes Old Man Jenkins on his Banana Bike! Lets go push him over at the red light!”

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