Question Of The Day: Does Steve Novak Have Friends On The Knicks?

This is the big debate of the day over at Barstool New York after Novak did his best Little Giants impression last nite:

Does Steve Novak have friends on the Knicks? Now personally I’m a little bias. Only because I heard this one potential urban legend about him visiting his alma mater Marquette once and someone asked him “Did you play basketball?” and he responded “I’m Steve Novak, dumbass” and proceeded to get shithoused all night at the bars. And I love the fact that he has an NBA career in general. He just seems like your average Stoolie except hes tall and can STROKE it. Can’t play a lick of D or do anything else on the court besides shoot, but he’s managed to get himself a 4 year, 15 million dollar contract.

But none of that means he has friends on the Knicks. Me and most Stoolies would probably love to kill a 30 rack with him and watch a game. I bet he’s the life of the party. But white people parties. The question is, do his teammates wanna hang out? Personally I think he hangs out with the rest of the team a lot, just in certain settings. I think the rest of the guys think of him as like a joke. Like a big white team mascot. Everyone has that one friend who’s fat or stupid and more often than not he actually embarrasses you and your crew but you still always roll with him. In NBA terms, thats Steve Novak. I could see Carmelo being like “Steve, Steve, do that thing where you pronounce all the vowels and consonants and speak proper English” and then they all burst out laughing when he does it. When the bill comes they hand it to him to calculate the tip. They probably make him do karaoke and sing Beyonce songs and laugh at him. Its like they are laughing at him but they are laughing with him at the same time.

They say that him and JR Smith are best friends 

but theres absolutely no way thats not a “He’s my one white friend”/”Hes my one black friend” situation. Like Bertier and Julius in Remember the Titans. They have each other’s backs because they’re on the same team but thats it. Bottom line is, I think it depends on the situation. Like if they’re going out to dinner after a game, he’s absolutely getting the nod. But at the same time, nobody wants to sit next to him at the table. If they’re going to the club afterwards, they tell him they’re all going to sleep and then once he heads back to the hotel they go out. Tyson Chandler is like “C’mon guys. This is fucked up” but Carmelo is like “Shut up bro he’s gonna ruin our game.” Nothing wrong with that, either. Thats about as close as a guy like Novak can expect to get. He probably used to roll with Lin and Landry Fields but now he just turns in early and lets the boys do their thing. Its better than being like Prigioni. No way that guy gets invited anywhere.


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