Preview of KFC Radio Featuring Jay Cutler And His Unbelievable Sweater

I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to play it cool and act like it doesn’t faze me that Jay Cutler came on the show. But fuck that. Less than a year ago we did out first show. It was 8 minutes long and like 2 and a half of those minutes was some Stoolie pretending to be El Pres’ mom. Fast forward about 9 or 10 months and we’ve got a franchise QB answering hypotheticals and shooting the shit with us. Its come a long way. Big Cat, Feits, Tall One and super producer BC helped me take this whole idea to the next level, so shout out to them.

And thanks to Cutler, who’s just as big of a Stoolie as the next guy. Most pro athletes out there would be afraid to come on the show with 3 idiots from Barstool, but Jay fit right in. Minus being a professional athlete, having millions of dollars, and being married to an absolute smokestack wife, he’s just like us!

Full episode available tomorrow afternoon. Tune into Barstool New York or Barstool Chicago, or subscribe to KFC Radio on iTunes or YouTube

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