Pictures Of Pamela Anderson Will Crush Your Childhood Dreams

First the senseless attacks on Boston and now this.¬†Brutal week for America. Is Pamela Anderson serious going out in public like this? Doesn’t she know the repercussions it can have? Pam, you’re not just another woman. You can’t just walk out there looking like Jessica Lange from American Horror Story. You can’t just age. You’re Pamela fucking Anderson. Every now and then I still masturbate to you. You’ve been living in my Spank Bank for over 20 years now looking like this:

You could easily make the argument that you’re the most important girl on the Definitive List Of Hot Chicks From The 90s. This image of you and your big fake tits and your homemade sex tape needs to be preserved forever. And you parading around looking like a grandma who got caught in a tornado is just making that possible. Its just not fucking fair to any male age 24-40.

This one and Jenna Jameson – who the fuck do they think they are? Just ruining childhoods and nostalgia with their aging. Stay hot or stay indoors.

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