Paul Bearer “Dead” At The Age Of 58 – In His Honor, The Greatest WWF Managers Of All TIme

TMZPaul Bearer — the spooky WWE manager who helped introduce The Undertaker — died Tuesday evening at the age of 58 … this according to the WWE.  Bearer — real name “Bill” Moody — joined the WWE in 1990 … playing the role of a creepy funeral director who managed various wrestling stars … including Undertaker, Kane, Rick Rude, Vader and Mankind.  The details surrounding Bearer’s death are unclear — but he reportedly suffered from serious health problems over the past decade … including morbid obesity and gallbladder issues.  R.I.P. The WWE released a statement saying … “WWE is saddened to learn of the passing of William Moody, aka Paul Bearer.” “Moody made his WWE debut in 1991 as the manager of The Undertaker and went on to become a memorable part of WWE over the course of the next 20 years. Our deepest condolences go out to Moody’s family, friends and fans.”

I’m still not convinced this isn’t a WWF storyline. Like the ultimate sell by Paul Bearer and Vince McMahon. Wouldn’t be surprised if Paul popped out of a coffin at their next Pay Per View in a Buried Alive match or something like that. Thats how dedicated Paul Bearer was to the WWF. An all time great. All time legend. Nobody ever accompanied  half naked grown men down a ramp better than Paul Bearer. In honor of his “death,” I give you my top  WWF Managers:

Bobby Heenan

One of the greatest heels of all time with one of the greatest resumes in the history of the WWF.

Mr. Fuji

The best part of the old school WWF was the blatant racism. There was never a better example than with Mr. Fuji. They just made sure everyone hated and made fun of Japanese people. Classic!

Jimmy Hart

Sometimes I think Jimmy Hart invented cocaine. He was like a used car salesman constantly hopped up on the blow. I’m not much of a Hogan guy but there’s no denying Jimmy and his megaphone’s place in history.

Paul Heyman/Paul E. Dangerously

I loved ECW. Loved watching it on those bootleg channels at like midnight. Paul Heyman and Sabu were a huge part of those primetime years. I don’t know much about his WWF days after ECW collapsed, but his Paul E. Dangerously days were legendary.

Miss Elizabeth

The first lady of wrestling. Paved the way for all the other WWF Divas. Classiest broad the wrestling world ever saw.

Million Dollar Man

The Million Dollar Corporation was like the Yankees. Just acquiring all the big time free agent Wrestlers and Ted DiBiase was the evil genius behind it all.

Paul Bearer

I’m not even kidding, the Undertake/Kane/Paul Bearer saga is one of the most dramatic story lines in the history of drama. I’m including sports, TV, movies, books. Everything. Its just one of the most thrilling and tragic tales of all time. Murder, deceit, secrets, coffins, fireballs to the face. Father vs son. Brother vs brother. And at the center of it all was one Paul Bearer. The most important character in the greatest WWF storyline. If he truly is dead, which I’m still not entirely sold on, then the world lost one of the best entertainers of all time. I hope he rests inside an urn in eternal peace.

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