Patrick & Kevin featuring The Big Red Machine Evan Roberts

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Your boy Evan Roberts from WFAN dropped in to shoot the shit with us for a couple hours. And trust me, this is Evan like you’ve never heard him before. We weren’t talkin about WAR and Sabermetrics. It was more about bangin chicks and porn and all the other weird stuff I’m usually babbling about. He also talks about some behind the scenes WFAN tales – from a private Blackjack session with Francesa in Mohegan Sun to drama with Boomer and Carton. We also discuss my engagement photos, which was the single most emasculating and awkward experience of my life. Talk a little Incarcerated Bob, Arod and much more. Download it for before football kicks off or when you’re traveling home later this weekend. Oh and if you’re a big fan of KFC Radio please do me a favor and head over to the iTunes account¬†and rate us 5 stars and if you’ve got time leave a good review for us. That kinda shit goes a long way towards being ranked amongst the top podcasts.

On a side note, it was pretty fucking awesome to sit side by side in studio with Evan Roberts. I know this is probably the spot where I’m supposed to act like I’ve been there before, but I haven’t been there so fuck that. I started out as a Cube Monkey like 7 years ago listening to Joe and Evan to kill time while I was drowning in Excel spreadsheets and now after a year of goofing around with a microphone in my bedroom I’m on a podcast with him. Pretty cool moment for me and any of the Stoolies who are WFAN junkies.

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