Over 50% Of Chicks Say They’d Give Up Sex For Money

NYDN- Sounds like a bad deal for their partners. More than 50% of women said they would give up sex for six months if it meant saving $2,500, according to a survey. All You magazine questioned 2,600 women between the ages of 21 and 59 and found that bargains loom large — even in the bedroom. “Sex is overrated! I could pay a lot of bills with that kind of money! Loans. Food. I wouldn’t splurge or nothing!” said Patricia Stewart, 37, of East Flatbush, Brooklyn. The survey also found that 82% of women polled think of themselves as “committed clippers” who consider coupons “a way of life.” A whopping 74% of women polled said they would give up an hour of their day if it would save money.

Uh, no fucking kidding. Do you know how lame sex is for chicks? I’d say roughly 90% of the time its an out of shape guy smothering them wheezing in their face dripping sweat on them for 5-7 minutes as they don’t orgasm. If I was a chick I’d probably give up sex for free. Just stop doing it with no incentive other than I get to stop doing something that totally sucks. I mean when you really think about it, whats 6 months worth of sex to a chick? I’d say for your normal, average, non-slut single girl thats like 4 sessions? Sex 4 times with a stranger you met at a bar or a dude your friends set you up with that you barely like. Probably zero oral sex, chances are no orgasm. Thats worth, what, Like 50 bucks to a chick? I guess if you factor in the price of drinks and dinner if you’re lucky enough to go on a date we’re looking at like $300 bucks. Absolute maximum value of 6 months of sex for women. I’d sign for $2,500 in cash all day every day. Sit at home rent free blasting myself with some sort of space age vibrator robot that satisfies be 100 times more than some jabroni at the bar.

PS – 74% would give up an hour of the day for money? Yea no fucking kidding everyone would do that. Get to shave an hour off of every shitty day and get paid for it. Spend less time doing your awful daily routine and make more money. You can have like 23 hours of my day if you want. Just give me one hour to spend my free money and I’m good.

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