Old Dude Poses As His 64 Year Old Ex On Craigslist And Posts “Casual Encounters” Ads

Smoking GunA Library of Congress employee is facing a federal felony charge after allegedly placing Craigslist “Casual Encounters” ads directing men seeking sex to the Virginia home of a 64-year-old woman whom he briefly dated. Investigators charge that Kenneth Kuban, 61, targeted the woman as part of an extensive “harassment/stalking” campaign that began after the duo’s six-month “intimate relationship” ended in early-2011. In a bid to curb the harassment, the woman–identified by her initials, “L.M.,” in U.S. District Court filings–secured restraining orders against Kuban. Despite these court orders, Kuban took to Craigslist to continue tormenting her. In a series of recent “Casual Encounters” ads, Kuban posed as a “senior lady” seeking to “meet a gentleman in his 50s that is Hung and that can give me some pleasuring.” A February ad included a photo of “L.M..” After undercover agents responded to a March 12 Craigslist ad, they received replies that included a photo of “L.M.” and the woman’s home address. A purported suitor was directed to “just park by my mail box and walk up my lane i’ll meet at the front door.” The phony Craigslist ads achieved their intended effect. Investigators reported that the postings “led to random men, often traveling from other States, to appear at L.M.’s property, looking to have sexual relations with her.” “L.M.” told federal agents that she had to install cameras and security gates at the entrance to her farm “as a result of the constant flow of people showing up at her address” in response to the Craigslist ads. The woman added that she has “multiple signs posted on her fence and gates indicating that people who are there in response to ads on Craigslist were un-invited and are trespassing.” Additionally, local cops have to be summoned to “L.M.”’s residence “frequently, often several times a day, to chase away the men who have been enticed by these personal ads.”

The story here isn’t some scorned old dude’s grudge against a 64 year-old piece of pussy. Craigslist revenge is nothing new. What’s crazy about this is that dudes from all over are flocking to L.M.’s house to have a romp with nana. To the point where she needs a surveillance system, property signs & the local po-po on speed dial to fend them off. We’re so fucking disgusting. I’m not saying that in a bad way, but let’s call a spade a spade. You’d like to think you’re above replying to something like this…

…and maybe you’re right. But the only reason is because you have options now. There could be a lonely time later in our lives when you gotta get back to “pussy is pussy” basics. When you don’t even blink at “senior lady” while perusing “Casual Encounters” and are packing the car for a road trip across state lines within seconds of getting the silver fox’s pic & address. Slamming senior snizz is in all of us, and that’s pretty fucking gross. In a pretty awesome way.

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