NYCs Worst Principal Shows Up On Time To Work For The First Time In 7 Years

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NY Post - “School of No” Principal Marcella Sills finally dragged herself into class on time Monday — sauntering through the doors at 7:30 a.m. in a bid to look good for investigators probing her failing and dilapidated PS 106. “She hasn’t shown up that early in six or seven years,” a source said of the fur-clad boss of the Far Rockaway, Queens, school.  Sills appeared to be scrambling like a failing student at finals time to put on a show for the city Department of Education probers who showed up following a series of Post exposésPS 106 earned its “School of No” moniker because, numerous school sources say, it has no gym, no art classes, kindergarten trailers that smell like animal urine and no reading, writing or math books for the rigorous Common Core curriculum. Despite the squalor, Sills still forces parents — many of whom live below the poverty line — to cough up more than $200 to attend a bizarre, end-of-year prom in which fifth-graders must dress up like brides and groomsAlso, sources say Sills frequently fails to attend work. But on Monday, outraged insiders said she got to school early and staged a rare art class for visitors — and even managed to buy books at the last minute. It’s not clear how well the principal’s last-minute whitewashing worked — but hours after the inspection the DOE’s new head issued a statement saying her office would be keeping a close eye on the school. “There is significant room for organizational improvement,” Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said. “But [Deputy Chancellor Dorita Gibson reported] that classrooms are orderly, teachers are dedicated, and students are learning. Going forward, I will have field staff at the school weekly to make sure those organizational changes occur.” A school source said that during the visit, Sills looked “happy, like she doesn’t think there are any problems.” After the school day ended, she left the building with her lawyer. Dressed in a fur coat, sunglasses, a revealing short skirt and funky fur boots she looked as if she were headed to a nightclub as she climbed into her shiny red BMW X3 — which goes for a base price of $40,000 — and drove off.

So this broad is all the talk in NYC. Worst Principal of All Time in the Worst Public School ever. I mean just look at this place:

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Depressing as shit. Place looks like fucking Shawshank. Its nickname is the School of No because it has No gym, No art, No books, No nothin. And its all thanks to this bitch who looks like Deputy Raineesha from Reno 911 or something. I can’t tell if shes on her way to an elementary school or a rap video. And yes, I understand she makes Miss Trunchbull look like a qualified educator. But at the same time you gotta respect this woman just doing whatever the fuck she wants. Like yea, my classrooms may smell like cat piss, but guess what ya’ll! We’re havin a black tie affair for 5th graders! Get your tuxes out, get your wedding gowns out, because its 5th grade graduation and we’re about to blow the roof off! Sorry to any parents who are surviving on food stamps, but you’re gonna have to fork over like 3 paychecks worth of money for this one!

Showing up late to work 7 consecutive years and throwing black tie events for 11 year olds instead of teaching them how to read. Thats how a principal mailtimes. Just let these little motherfuckers graduate to middle school until Michelle Pfeifer and Coolio can teach them how to survive. Now cue the motherfuckin music!

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