Now Here’s A Mensa Genius I Can Get Down With

MSNShe may be blond, but Lauren Marbe is far from dumb. In fact, if the IQ test she recently took at her high school is a reliable gauge, the British 16-year-old — an unapologetic fan of makeup, manicures, fake tans and partying with her pals — may be more intelligent than Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates or even Albert Einstein. While Hawking, Gates and Einstein reportedly have (or had, in Albert’s case) IQs of 160, Marbe scored a 161. Clearly, big things are expected of the straight-A student, but she says she’s torn between academic pursuits and her dreams of a career in showbiz. We’re sure she’ll make a smart choice.

No more of these 3 year old assholes joining Mensa. I’m done with hearing some little shit is smarter than Benjamin Franklin when he still has a bedtime. But Lauren Marbe here is a real life genius. IQ of 161 – makes her smarter than Einstein and Hawking and Gates. Its just a shame that she’s a chick. Because she’s got no shot at actually living the life of a genius with an IQ of 161. Hormones and emotions are easily a 100 point penalty on your intelligence quotient. Just wait for the first time a boy dumps Lauren Marbe. She’ll binge on food and cigarettes and other dude’s dicks for like weeks on end. Crying and whining and updating her facebook status with quotes she googled about “I’m the best thing you never had” or some shit. Wait until the first time her boss yells at her at work. Or the first time her friends act bitch towards her. And fucking forget about it when her mother is giving her a hard time. Chicks could have an IQ of 161 or 161,000 and when push comes to shove they are gonna spend 99% of their lives complaining about boys, work, their friends and their mother. Thats it. Thats what they are put on this planet to do. They do it very well and very often. Hard to put that 161 IQ to use when you’re busy complaining about every single aspect of your life.

Bottom line is IQ scores for men and women are like shoe sizes. The numbers are on 2 different scales. Like a chick can be a “Size 8″ but her foot is still like half the size of a dude with a mens size 10. If a chick is a size 11, she’s a freak. If a dude is a size 11, he’s average. Same goes for IQs. 161 female IQ is probably equal to like a 70 in male IQ. Yea the numbers being used the same for both, but the meaning behind the number is what matters.Once you factor in irrational hormonal behavior you gotta slide the scale down to find her real level of intelligence.

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