NHL Writer Offended By Islanders Fans Chanting “Princess Crosby” At The Coliseum During Game 4

Sporting News – During the first period, a chant of “Princess Crosby” began to spread through the Nassau Coliseum crowd, and it was punctuated by cheers when Crosby — in his third game back from a broken jaw suffered on a hauntingly similar play against the Islanders on March 30 —¬†took a deflected puck up high and immediately doubled over in pain. While it is understandable that Islanders fans would jeer an opposing superstar, and more understandable still that they would boo Crosby after generally feeling that he took a dive to draw a holding call on Brian Strait in overtime of Game 3. But maybe, this being the first time that Nassau Coliseum has hosted a playoff series in six years, the fans missed the recent developments whereby calling someone a girl isn’t cool. It was never that clever, but people have grown weary of hearing about “Cindy Crosby” and the “Sedin sisters,” and the “Princess” chants only served to make Islanders fans look bad,just like the idiot at Monday’s Maple Leafs-Bruins game with the “Toronto Stronger” sign¬†reflected badly on his city. Cheering the injury is still worse, because it’s not just a societal concern, but basic sports decorum. Fortunately, Crosby was okay, and stayed in the game — which meant he got to hear another round of “Princess” chants in the second period.

Get the fuck out of my face with this crybaby article. You wanna talk about the crowd getting rowdy after he took a puck to the neck, fine. Thats probably not the classiest move but lets be perfectly honest, who really gives a fuck about being classy and all that shit? Most annoying thing in the world is seeing people still saying “Stay classy!” As far as I’m concerned, all’s fair in love, war and playoff sports. You expect the Islander faithful to quiet down and show concern for Crosby? When half the time the entire world knows he’s flopping? For sure not.

But enough about that. Criticizing Isles fans for chanting “Princess Crosby” and saying it makes the fanbase look bad has gotta be the most pussy overreaction I’ve heard since that one dude was claiming the Knicks were insensitive to the Marathon Bombings for wearing black.¬†Calling someone a girl on the court, ice, field, whatever, is about a nice as trash talk gets. Ever since Ham Porter told Philips he played ball like a girl, athletes across every sport have been calling guys chicks. You’re a princess. A nancy. A sissy. A mary. A pussy. A wuss. That is basically the cornerstone, day 1, basic building block of talking shit. If you’re gonna start complaining about that then you’re a big floppy vagina and you need to get out of the sports world. Next thing you know they’re gonna complain about booing too.

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