Newark Teen Forced To Strip And Whipped With A Belt Because His Father Didn’t Pay A $20 Debt – The video is barely two-and-a-half minutes long, but each second is more disturbing than the one before. Somewhere in Newark, a teenage boy can be seen removing his clothes, stripping completely naked while he is berated and cursed at by another man in a black hat and black T-shirt. A pack of men surround their cornered victim, laughing and commenting on the situation. As the boy stands there with his shoulders slumped, the man in the black shirt screams about a debt owed by their victim’s father. As the boy cowers, the leader of the group grabs a belt from one of his sidekicks and screams at the victim. “Where my money at?” he howls. “I don’t know,” the victim responds meekly.  What happens next has infuriated law enforcement and city leaders. For 90 seconds, the boy is mercilessly whipped with the belt while the group continues to laugh at him, demanding he tell the camera that it’s a “dog eat dog world.” At the end of the video, someone announces the amount of money that sparked the vicious attack — a measly $20.

First things first, there’s a 500% chance these guys think the phrase is actually Doggie Dog World. Just sets the tone for the type of retards we’re working with here. And as far as I’m concerned, anybody who makes a boy strip naked so that he can whip him has some seriously deep rooted issues. Like if you wanna act hard on the streets of Newark, your best bet is to not run around like a pedophile making little boys strip. Spanking naked kids with a belt is not “bout that life” as the World Star community says. I’m sure this dude and his “Doggie Dog” crew think they are as gangster as it gets, but all I see is a bunch of pedophiles standing around playing with a naked boy squirting him with water. I’m not sure you thought that through, but I don’t think you’re gonna be getting the street cred you were looking for anytime soon. I give it a few days before some actual bad dudes have this wanna be thug dangling off a roof top naked for fucking with teenage boys around the neighborhood.

That is, of course, if Anonymous doesn’t get to him first:

Something tells me that the homie from the Doggie Dog crew doesn’t have much of a reputation for Anonymous to ruin. Or even a checking account for them to wipe out. But if there’s one group I’d want going after this asshole, its them.

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